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Margreets remembrance celebration went very well.  Many friends came to remember her.  A friend made a video of the whole celebration and burned it on a DVD.  Everyone seems to have had a good time... just as she likes it.

Peter, her brother spoke about Margreet, then Marcia, then her dearest friend, Dorothe, spoke about her,then me (through the 'film' presentation), then we had coffee and cake and soup and some kiesh like pies that several or her friends made (very delicious, by the way), and it was all a good time.  (it shows better in the video).

The highlight, however, was Marcia reading Margreets message to her friends.  Marcia found them while cleaning one of her drawers.  There was a box of Angels stationary and in it  Marcia found several sealed envelopes, with instructions not to be opened until after hear death, addressed to several people among her family and friends.  One of them was addressed to "all her friends".  Below is a direct translation of Margreets words:

19 May 2006

My dear family and friends,

Finally it is so far. This has not been a lost battle but a fantastic delay in what statistically was forecast. I have viewed (almost) every day as a gift and a blessing. Believe me there were definitely less good days! While I continue on with my “voluntary work” at the medical university, YES, LIFE GOES ON !!

It is my dearest wish that you try not to grieve too much, it’s really not necessary, but to celebrate my life with each other! Because it too was good most of the time.

I have no idea when this will be read, I hope many years after this date. But I am lying/sitting here on bed with a wonderful CD, “Angel Love” on my headset, very relaxing.

I cannot express how much I have enjoyed your continuing love and sympathy. The cards and telephone calls and emails kept on coming, never stopping, that is so special!

I really hope that in the last months/years I have been able to share something with you, that a tumor does not have to be the end of your life. I would rather not have had that thing, but I could not take it away, and when I see how much positive it has brought into my life, living with it was made possible.

I will not make this too long because I could go on for hours. There is still so much that I would like to say you guys know that.

So I hope that now one of my songs will be played and go “celebrate” with a laugh and a tear.

I love you all very much!

I don't know what was going on in her head on May 19th.  That was around the time when we thought she may have a few more years of life.  She never gave me any hint that she didn't believe it.  Still, she must have known that nothing in life is "set in stone", even when we wish it the most. 

In any case, the above were her last words for you, her friends.






One of the things she made me promise to do,
right after she discovered there was a tumor in her brain,
was a 'film' of good memories from her,
so that her friends would remember her
for the good times, not the bad.  

She specified most of the music that she wanted included in the film. She left the images up to me.

So I did.  Below is a link for you to download. (I hope you have a fast Internet connection, the file is 27 megs)

I think you'll enjoy it also. 



To save it to disk, Right Click this link and "Save As..."

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