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"Bob O" <bob@oceguedaproductions.com>
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 18:18:59 +0200


Dear Friends and Family,

We are in a stage of extreme fluidity at the moment... we've moved to the place where Marcia and Douwe live and since the little house in the back is not finished (we, friends and family, are working on it) we are sleeping at a friends house a short distance away.

We saw the neurosurgeon yesterday and he said she should be admitted to the hospital tomorrow or day after... which is a mixed message.  He recognized the gravity of the situation so wants her to get the biopsy as soon as possible because it is the type of tumor that is very aggressive... so on one side it's good that she's going to start her treatment real soon, on the other side is that she's got one of the  baddest suckers around.  (That Mickey is feeling his oats, that little piece of XXXX!  Sorry, I don't feel so friendly toward him)  Anyway, we are glad that some motion is getting started.

For now, please send her e-mails, as I'm able to print the messages and give them to her to read as she feels good.  I'm sure she'll be able to speak on the phone after her initial battery of treatments and I'll be sending you the phone number if you want to speak to her.

Please keep up with your prayers and/or sending your good intentions toward her.  I'm certain they are working even as things look dark and threatening.

Love & Peace






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