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About Margreet...
Fri, 21 Oct 2005 12:30:07 -0700


Dear Friends and Family,

Margreet made it into the hospital. Marcia had to beat the bushes,
making a lot of phone calls to the people involved, so that the
bureacracy would get moving, and she did it. Margreet got all her
pre-operation tests and an MRI that they will be using to guide the
probe for the biopsy next Monday, something I think is called
'stereotactic' operation. This will permit them to make the choose the
right type of prosedure to take care of Mickey and Goofy, and any fellow
creatures that may have come along by now. The reason she was able to
get it is because the neurosugeon in charge agreed with Marcia that
since Margreet is not responding to the anti-swelling medicing she's
getting the tumor may be growing very fast. They should find out now
that they have a new MIR and can see how much it has grown in three

Last night she had the idea of getting a bunch of angel cards to hang
all around her bed, so, if you would please keep an eye for some pretty
angel cards and write in them some of your favorite stories about
angels, we'd appreciate them very much.

You can send them to Marcias house since she will be staying in the
hospital for short times only (apparently most the treatments will be
outpatient operations):

Margreet c/o Marcia Andela
Tolakkerweg 80
3739 JR Hollandsche Rading
The Netherlands

I'll make sure to take them to her at the hospital.

Thanks, and much love from us to you.




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