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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 01:03:59 +0100
From: Bob Ocegueda <bob@oceguedaproductions.com>
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Dear Family and Friends,

Just a quick note before going to sleep...  things are going OK, enjoying life a bit more now that all the commitments (getting rid of the house we were renting) which were causing a lot of stress on Margreet are out of the way
(Jeeezz!  She can't let go of these social entanglements.  I'm sure she'll want to make sure that, if she was able to get a traffic ticket, was paid before she goes)   Anyway, we are hoping that the weather will cooperate this Sunday so we can go for a little ride on the car and see some of the old cities around here that we've wanted to see for so many years.  We'll send you pictures   :)

Meanwhile, she's been taking tea made from a brush that grows in the Arizona desert called Chaparral, that makes her feel much better.  It's an 'acquired' taste, like whiskey.  Not the best tasting tea going around, but reported to be able to do many good things to the body.  Among them reducing some cancer tumor.  So... we are keeping our fingers crossed.  She does a form of meditation/visualization while drinking it and now she doesn't want to go a day without it.

We got it from a very good friend of ours, who we met in San Diego.  Willy Whitefeather, who, as far as I can tell, is a real Native American shaman.  He was cured of some form of cancer himself by drinking it.  It is picked from the wild bushes and dried, then tea is made from the leaves and twigs.  The Native American people have been using it for medicinal purposes for a long time.  He sent us his 'stash' as a gift.  (just another angel hovering around Margreet doing whatever it can to help her out)  I'm glad he still has his roots deep in his cultural background.  He's not been 'civilized'... well, not much anyway.  I love his 'ways'.  Some of them can be seen in a film he and another artist made that is presently being shown in a Film Festival in Sedona.  It is only 7 minutes long but the Native American art speaks most eloquently, even in that short time.  You can catch a web version in his web page: 
Go all the way to the bottom of the page and there's a link through which you can download and view the film.  I think you have to watch it several times to see all the information that is packs.  It is entitled "Hope".

OK, this is all for now.  Margreet is in bed and "soñando con los angelitos" and I must do to.
Stay healthy people, and do good!

Love you.








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