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Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2006 22:08:09 +0200
From: Bob Ocegueda <bob@oceguedaproductions.com>
To: Bob Ocegueda <bob@oceguedaproductions.com>
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Dear Family and Friends,

First, the short version:
Last Tuesday, June 27th, Margreet, Marcia and I went to her oncologist
and radiologist at the Utrech University Hospital for the scheduled
reviews of her situation. After 2 very nice visits the learned doctors
have upgraded Margreets probability of survival from a few months to a
few years.

How 'bout that?!

So, our whole thinking parameter has suddenly changed! The planning has
to be for a little longer term. All of a sudden the previously
improbable goal of reaching her 60th birthday, seems like a given, a
'done deal', and now the possibility of the dream of 'seeing the kinds
coming back from school' becomes more of a reality than a dream.

Nice prospects.

However, it's not like a spell has been broken and everything is now
'hunky dory'. She is still greatly impaired in the use of her left
side, leg and arm, so she's completely dependent on other people for
most of her actions, as eating, bathing or even going to the bathroom.
Definately a great dissapointment to one who was previously in control
of all of her actions, took responsibility for all situations, and a
'perfectionist' to boot. That has been the direct effect of the tumor.

What is really ironic about this situation is that she is presently
suffering a lot of pain from injuries to her body suffered through
everyday activities, and they are the byproduct of the medicine she's
been taking to reduce the effects of the brain tumor. Many parts of
her skin are like the peal of an overripe peach. Just touching it can
break the skin and expose the flesh beneath it, with the accompanying
bleeding and pain. She has many dark spots on her arm and you can
almost see they are just waiting to be ripped. Leaning too hard against
a wall, her arm getting caught between her body and the armrest of the
wheel chair, my belt buckle or pen rubbing against her as I help her
walk, and any of other instances. To boot, the dexametason also
prevents the quick healing of the wounds, so she's got to be bandaged
everyday. Sometimes I tell her she could get a good part in a mummy
horror film. I'm not sure she appreciates my humor.

So, it is time to shift gears and think on terms of a little longer
future, and that presents a new set of difficulties/opportunities to
handle. I'll tell you more about them as we come accross them.

Hope all is going well with you folks, and thanks again for all the
positive energy you've been sending.

Meanwhile, here's something to cheer about.... see attachements :-)






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