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Sent: Sunday, October 29, 2006 9:19 PM
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Houl of the coyote


This is to let you know that Margreet
passed on to the other side of this life
on 29 October 2006 at 1:04 am.

We will miss her so much...

There will not be a funeral.  She has donated her body to a medical university
in the hope of achieving some material benefit from her passing.

We would like to invite you to help us remember
and celebrate her life.
Sunday, 12 November, 2:00 pm
in the Hollandsche Rading dorpshuis,
Dennenln 57, 3739KM Hollandsche Rading

Margreet asked that if you'd like to send flowers, please, instead, make
a donation in her name to an organization dedicated to children's cancer research. 
For instance here in Holland:  http://www.kika.nl/
(She liked this organization because all of the donations go to actual research,
very little, if any, goes to adminstration costs)

Thank you for all the support you gave her
and  are still giving us.

We are certain she is wishing us all Peace now.

Bob, Marcia, Douwe






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