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Subject: about Margreet...
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 14:06:24 +0100
From: Bob Ocegueda <bob@oceguedaproductions.com>
To: Bob Ocegueda <bob@oceguedaproductions.com>


Dear Family and Friends,

I've been trying to write this message for some time now, but, there is 
always something else "more important" that comes up and the message 
gets postponed...  I suspect it's some lame psychological excuse or 
something like that, so, plowing right through it, here it goes.

First, the short version:
Margreets tumor seems to be back on the march.  After she was 
progressing so nicely, being able to walk across to the big house, 
having more strength in her arm, and just feeling good all the time, she 
became sick two weeks ago, on January the 10th.  We thought is was a 
stomach flu which we've all have been getting lately.  However, she 
continued being weak and nauseous for more than 3 days, sleeping most of 
the day and NOT having diarrhea.  So we got an appointment with the 
neuro oncolog, they took a CT scan and he thinks that brain swealing is 
causing the weakness and sleepiness.  He increased the dexametazone 
dose, the medicine used to reduce the swealing and it is now working.  
She's getting her streangth back and is not so sleepy.  But we don't for 
how long this will be.  The doctor told us that this type of tumor 
_neve_r stops growing.  The only, and best, thing we can expect is to 
slow down the growth with the radiation therapy.  For how long that will 
work?... they don't know.  It's a matter of a few months, they say.

Meanwhile, she's started taking tea made from a plant found in the 
Western deserts of the USA and used by the native Americans for many 
years.  It is called Chaparral and it's purported to be able to reduce 
tumors.  An Indian friend of ours sent it to us.  It seems to be helping.

We've been going back to Koudum for the past 5 weekends, where we used 
to live, to get the house ready to vacate... get the stuff we're goin to 
keep boxed and off to storage, give some stuff to our friends and 
family, to the "Good will" (kringloop), or the dump and it's been pretty 
stressful for Margreet.  She take this sort of responsibility very 
seriously.  This Sunday will be our last trip to pack the last few 
things and clean up, so it should be much easyer on her after that.  
She's not been doing much physical work since she can't, but she can do 
good directing and organizing.  Again we've been blessed with many 
friends and family coming to our aid at these times.  I wouldn't have 
been able to do it myself.  You truelly are 'guardian angels' to us!  
(Yes, even you skeptic, non-believer, infidels... you know who you are.  
Thank you.)

Meanwhile,  she's asked me to ask you to keep doing all the spiritual 
and energy things you've been doing and keep sending it to her because 
she feel she does get strength and comfor from them, so please keep it up.



Now for the long version:      Shoot!  It'll have to wait... or it'll 
take me another week to send it.
Meanwhile, attached are some of the reasons she wants to hang around 
this physical level...  well, I don't know about  the bearded guy  :)







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