The waiting Priest

The Maya Priest abaiding his time

the waiting priest

The Mayas were obsessed by time and believed the world would end, for the 5th time, sometime around 2012, at which time Nature will reclaim its due. Centuries before, they knew their culture was coming to an end and much suffering would befal their people, yet, in the end, they would still be there to help humanity in the transition to a new world.

Original: Available Prints: Available

Available as prints or original paintings (acrylic on 50 X 65 cm heavy, acid free paper)

Limited run (250) prints available: approximately 33 X 42 cm (13" X 16.5") image area, printed on acid free heavy canvas with UV resistant paints ready to be matted & framed. Shipped to you in a roll to be mounted on a frame.


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