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Cartoon stories


Sailing down to Mexico
Robing our children
Friesland farm house
breaking mental walls
Cartoon stories about the sailing and cruising experience. Published in local San Francisco Bay, California and National saling magazines
Stories about ecology, economics, and geopolitics. Its problems and solutions. War is NOT a solution to where we find ourselves at present.
Stories about my experience in Holland, my present home. They are great people, these Dutchies.
Cartoon stories about m y study and observations of intuition, and the use of meditation to make it more accessible to our everyday experience.


Your Move
Life as a game of chess
What is Americanism?

What is Americanism?
A video response to The PinkyShow's question

Real motives for Iraq war The Meaning of Iraqi "Liberation"
A simple and obvious observation
Fortress built on lies Fortress Amerika
A simple and obvious prediction





about Margreet...
The passing of my beloved wife.




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